3-Pack Electronic LED LIGHT UP Fishing Lure – 1 Pink 1 Yellow 1 Glow

These drive fish crazy ! .The blinking red light is designed and tested to simulate an injured fish, which triggers instinctive strike responses by game fish – making this lure irresistible.
The LED light automatically activates when the lure is submerged in water & lasts for more than 100 hours. Overall length of each lure is 4″ and weighs .42oz

Product Features

  • The LED light automatically comes on when the lure enters the water
  • Perfect for murky water
  • LED lasts for 100 hours or more
  • Overall length on each lure is 4″ and weighs .42oz
  • Comes with 1 Yellow Lure, 1 Pink Lure, and 1 Glow-in-the-Dark Lure


I'm in my sixty's love and to fish - tired of Boat Headaches. (most times) Bank fishing is Easy, Fun, and Cheap. - Just Like ME!