Big Angry Blue Crabs!

This is one animal that is always gonna be a little crabby when you find them! Blue Crabs!

Probably one of the most common crabs in the Gulf of Mexico! And while most of the time these crabs are harmless, if you get pinched, you’re gonna feel it!
Join Cajun Boy (Zachary Gray) as we set out to catch some Big Angry Blue Crabs! As always we hope Y’all enjoy this video! 😀

Blue crabs are a really common species of crab living along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coast. Their name comes from the blue coloring on their claws. While the most common place people see these crabs are in a restaurant or seafood market, if you look in the water around saltwater docks and waterways, you will normally see blue crabs.
These little crabs have a good defence against people: their claws. But there is an easy way to hold them without getting pinched. Holding blue crabs by the back foot is the safest way to hold the crab, so if you ever try and hold a blue crab, remember, watch for those pincers!

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