Bream Fishing

Bluegills, Crappie, Sunfish, Shellcrackers, Pumpkinseed, and even the occasional “Stumpknocker” we Chase Em’ All…

Bluegills and Shellcrackers

The Bluegills of Winter

Winter Bluegill and Shellcracker Fishing With Walmart Worms and the Machine! Fishing for dinner.  We always love to listen to the explanations and techniques from our best fishin’ buddy – Gene – The Fishing Machine. Folks today, we are going to do some wintertime Bluegill and Shellcracker Fishing! I share my setup, as well as the […]

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How to Catch Clean Cook Bluegill! Awesome bluegill bait and bluegill recipe

Eat Bluegill-Eyeballs and ALL!

Sorry guys – I ain’t eatin’ no eyeballs!! Tommy and I are catching bluegill with slim jims and maggots. And while we fish we are cooking bluegill over an open fire with an awesome recipe from Thailand called Pla pao.

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HUGE BLUEGILL!!! Bluegill Fishing With Jigs

Here’s another episode of one of our true favorite fisherman – Richard Gene The Fishing Machine! Folks, today my friend Burr and I, catch some monster sized Coppernose Bluegill! Bluegill Fishing 2018!! I hope you enjoy the video. God bless! If you haven’t subscribed to his channel – here’s the link: Subscribe To The Machine!… […]

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Finding Bluegill and Shellcracker

 Folks today, Richard Gene The Fishing Machine, explains ways you can locate bluegill and shellcracker when they are not bedding. He’s using a jig and bobber today on light spinning tackle.  If you have not subscribed to his channel here’s the link below.  He’s one of the best. Bluegill Fishing Tips Pin Pinned […]

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Bobbing for Red Pepper Parmesan Bluegill

Bobbing for Red Pepper Parmesan Bluegill

I found a fish recipe online that gets 5 stars. It has an Italian influence. That’s enough to convince me. I picked up all the ingredients except the fish! So let’s try to catch some! Click SHOW MORE for info on the equipment, the fish, the lake, and the recipes. – – – – – […]

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Shellcracker, Shellcracker – Where Are YOU

Catching Shellcrackers in a Hidden Pond Deep In The Woods Folks, I went down to the lake on this windy day, and decided to venture out into the woods. To my surprise I found a hidden pond! I had a blast catching these fish, and I hope you have a blast watching! Have a good […]

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Kid and Big Bluegills

Almost BUD! almost All Right! come get him the fish bit! hold on you’re tangled you got another! Reel it in you got a fish on he bit! WOAH! look at that! hang on I need to teach you a few things about touching fish come over here and turn around oh he really swallowed […]

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Bill Lewis Lures RB4302 Rocket Bobber Ultralite Series Yellow, Orange, 3-3/4″

Rocket bobbers are some of the longest Flying bobbers ever designed. These bobbers are lightweight, yet can cast 30 to 40 yards consistently. Plus, the design offers superior sensitivity so you can feel even the slightest bites. Product Features Never miss another bite: when your rocket Bobber begins to stand up, set the hook Aerodynamic […]

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Shellcracker Fishing With Worms


Spoon Blade Metal Bream Lures, Crank bait Spinner pack of 8

Weight: 11g. Length: 5.5cm . Fishing places: Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds and streams and other freshwater places. Features: 1. Strong and sharp, like the real fish. 2. Not easily broken, can withstand heavy abuse. 3. Anti-corrosion, durable and practical  4. Easy to fish barb hook. 5. Nice looking lure.  Professional and Friendly Customer Support Any […]

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Soft Plastics Shrimp for Bream

Plastic Shrimp for Bream and Bluegills Length:4.5cm/1.77″ A cavity in the body of shrimp used for insert hooks Target Species: Bream, Bass and anything that swims! When we take it in hand, it just seems likes the real shrimp and extraordinary Colours!!! Bright colors to attract big fish! Silicone Shrimp simple to use, sit well on […]

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Float Fishing for Bluegills and Crappie with Gulp Minnows and Worms

Float Fishing for Bluegills and Crappie with Gulp Minnows and Worms

GIANT Bluegills in Public Lakes


Let’s Go Bluegill Fishing

Bluegill fishing Sometimes it just involves walking along the water’s edge. Bluegill fishing can be as simple as going to the local pond or creek. Bluegill fishing is also great fun, great eating, and a great way to introduce children to their first fishing experience. Bluegill fishing just isn’t hard. Anyone can catch them. Bluegill […]

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Frying up some Sunday Bluegills w/ my daughter

Santee Shellcrackers 2017

Shellcrackers in the Grass

FISHING -Biggest Shellcracker I ever Caught


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