Cooler Weather Bass Fishing

This is the beginning of my favorite time of year for fishing.

As waters cool around the state, largemouth bass are feeding voraciously to put on weight for the winter. They will bite almost anything you throw at them, and as the moon enters its first quarter, they are feeding almost nonstop during the daylight hours. High Percentage Fishing: A Statistical Approach To Improving Catch Rates

Not only is it the start of striper season but the largemouth have begun to move shallow chasing bait and between the two techniques you can catch fish on almost any day.

The cooling water brings the baitfish up onto the flats and into the creeks so this means the largemouth will follow.

You want to target stump fields and laydowns that will hold the fish and give them an ambush point to hit their prey.

On the beaches and piers, there is still a good summertime pattern going with lots of blues, Spanish and mullet coming in.


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