Find Your Biggest Bluegills During Summer

It’s hard to be a Bluegill sometimes…

Scooping out nests, laying eggs, warding off nest invaders, staring down or dodging toothy opportunists for days on end. Whew. Time to kick back on the nearest weed flats and eat some bugs. Weary bluegills must view the weeks after spawning the way we approach a trip to the beach.

The spawning and post spawning habits of bluegills are among nature’s most wonderfully varied activities. Habitat and latitude have a lot to do with these differences. The Bluegill Diaries:: A Fly Fishing Chronicle

In the far northern extremes of their range, bluegill spawning tends to be squeezed into a few weeks, maybe a month.

In Florida, Okeechobee bluegills begin spawning in March and continue through August. Moving north, the span of spawning activity gradually declines—the window shrinking in step with the severity of winter.

But post spawn and summer patterns are determined by the nature of the habitat.

During summer, panfish need to eat the most, as energy reserves burn faster in the warmest water of the year.

Panfish opportunities are boundless during the Summer Period. Fish are active, moving and feeding.

The old expression “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity” certainly pertains to fishing – For –  Mr. Bluegill…

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