Gene the Christmas Fishing Machine
Bank Fishing Stories

Sauger Fishing With The Machine

Famous Fisherman Gene The Fishin’ Machine Words of wisdom – “Don’t NEVER stick your finger in a Saugers mouth…” What is a Sauger The sauger – Sander canadensis, also called a sand pike is a freshwater fish of the Perch family. These resemble their close relative the walleye.  Saugers, however, are usually smaller and will better tolerate waters of higher […]

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Catfish Fishing

Catfish Surprise

Buffalo Bayou in search of big flathead catfish. After a rain when the water rises is the best time to try to catch them. We were using live bluegill and caught a little one within the first 5 minutes. Then me and my friend Brandon went to the second spot and tried there for a […]

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Fishing with Patience
My Tacklebox

Fishing With Patience

Just git Fishin’ Fishing from a dock with a Sonic Fish Attractor.  Went and got two dozen shrimp at the bait shop and spent a couple hours catching a variety of fish with my brother in Melbourne, Florida. We fished at a park on the Indian River Lagoon and caught sheepshead, redfish, pufferfish, ladyfish, jack […]

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Crabbing the Coast – Texas Style

We’re out here on Sea Rim’s east beach. We have a little cut that comes out, lets fresh water from inside the marsh going out to the beach.Oh, I saw one! NATHAN: I do have some chicken necks that are already tied up to the string here!MATT: That’s a crabbies! Oh, it’s great, the kids […]

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My Tacklebox

Catch More Fish – Green Night Fishing Light

Time to Light those Fish up! Incredibly Effective at Attracting predatory Fish No External Battery Needed like most others. Catch More Fish – Large Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light According to Wikipedia on the subject of fishing lights. The perfect fishing light would have the following properties: 1) high intensity, 2) emit its light in […]

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How to Catch Clean Cook Bluegill! Awesome bluegill bait and bluegill recipe
Bream Fishing

Eat Bluegill-Eyeballs and ALL!

Sorry guys – I ain’t eatin’ no eyeballs!! Tommy and I are catching bluegill with slim jims and maggots. And while we fish we are cooking bluegill over an open fire with an awesome recipe from Thailand called Pla pao.

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