Gene the Christmas Fishing Machine

Sauger Fishing With The Machine

Famous Fisherman Gene The Fishin’ Machine Words of wisdom – “Don’t NEVER stick your finger in a Saugers mouth…”

Ten Good Reasons to Love Saugers

What is a Sauger

The sauger – Sander canadensis, also called a sand pike is a freshwater fish of the Perch family. These resemble their close relative the walleye.  Saugers, however, are usually smaller and will better tolerate waters of higher turbidity.

The sauger is widely distributed throughout Canada and the Mississippi River basin.  Sauger an be distinguished from the closely related walleye using these characteristics: Sauger has distinct dark blotches or “saddle marks” on sides; has dark spots on the first dorsal fin; first dorsal fin lacks dark blotch near the base of the last few dorsal spines; scales are present on cheek; any white blotch on the lower lobe of the tail fin is absent or reduced. Sauger are generally smaller than walleye.

Sauger occasionally interbreed with walleye where their ranges overlap to produce “saugeye.” The hybrid shares characteristics of both parents, making identification difficult.

Yes – Sauger do have teeth – Goood to eat though…

Walleye, Sauger and White Bass: ...Fishing Spring and Fall “Runs” of the Midwest!

Don’t forget to see Gene the Fishing Machine 

Sauger Hole

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