Sea Eagle Inflatable Fishing Boats

Bank Fishing recommended :

Michael Caruso of The Fisherman Magazine field tests and reviews the Sea Eagle 285 and the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 inflatable fishing boats.

The Stealth Stalker 10 is a new kind of fishing boat, and offers new options for one or two people to get on the water without the expense of a standard boat. It can be used for hunting or fishing, and seats two comfortably. The boat can be set up in 15 minutes, and is portable, making it easy to get into the water.

It is made of tough material and runs on gas or electricity.  There is no frame, so the boat can be packed away neatly in many different shapes. The boat can hold up to 1200 pounds, and its construction allows you to go into shallow water because it has large air chambers that keep it afloat.


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