Shellcracker, Shellcracker – Where Are YOU

Catching Shellcrackers in a Hidden Pond Deep In The Woods

Folks, I went down to the lake on this windy day, and decided to venture out into the woods. To my surprise I found a hidden pond! I had a blast catching these fish, and I hope you have a blast watching! Have a good one folks, and God bless!

Go Deep for Redear Sunfish

Not just any old “bream:” It’s a redear sunfish, a.k.a. shellcracker.

A one-pound redear is a perfect match for a 3-weight fly rod. Often called shellcrackers, they fight like a snapper, holding boldly sideways, all fins flaring and pulling like their life depends on it.


In my sixty's love to fish - tired of Boat Headaches. (most times) Bank fishing is easy, fun, and cheap. - Like ME!

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