How to Catch Clean Cook Bluegill! Awesome bluegill bait and bluegill recipe

Eat Bluegill-Eyeballs and ALL!

Sorry guys – I ain’t eatin’ no eyeballs!! Tommy and I are catching bluegill with slim jims and maggots. And while we fish we are cooking bluegill over an open fire with an awesome recipe from Thailand called Pla pao.

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Kid and Big Bluegills

Almost BUD! almost All Right! come get him the fish bit! hold on you’re tangled you got another! Reel it in you got a fish on he bit! WOAH! look at that! hang on I need to teach you a few things about touching fish come over here and turn around oh he really swallowed […]

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Fishing for bluegill

Bluegill Fishing in Florida

Bluegill Fishing and Cleaning on Kentucky Lake

Bluegill Catch, Clean, Cook… Wife Edition!!

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